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Here, We repair all types of  Washing Machine, refrigerators, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven and tv. Likewise, we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction and Our Service Center is a Fully Private Home Appliances Service Center.

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The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.


The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.

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Microwave Oven

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.

Air Conditioner

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.


The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.

Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Contact us is one of the most trusted and best brand of this age. It generally gives subjective Products to its clients. The Carrier has its own particular manner of promoting in India. It fabricates the different home apparatuses like microwave, fridge, clothes washer, climate control system, TV, and so on.., these are the best results of Carrier.

In every house, there are various kinds of appliances use with various products from morning tonight. Each morning we use microwaves to warm or heat something. We store our food things in the fridge every day for keeping our food, milk, organic products, vegetables, and so forth..,. For washing our clothes we use a washer. Without a clothes washer, it becomes hard to wash the materials with our hands. Since in the wake of originating from work by tired and again you see, there is a material it is troublesome by deduction as well.

Coming to the AC they are very costly however it will give total fulfillment of your cash. It is a significant item in mid-years since it is important in summers the AC will totally cool the room temperature. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Televisions are the principal wellspring of diversion. In this Covid19 circumstance remaining at home is significant.

Contact us:

So Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Contacts us we are here to doing service of any Carrier items. Firstly We offer subjective assistance to the subjective items. Secondly, We have specific experts all through Mumbai we offer fast support to the customers within an hour. On our sites, we give the contact details of our customer care service center. Finally, They will give you complete data about our service and charges by affirming the fix of the item.

After booking our service they will give your contact address and details to the technicians. Then Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Contacts us professionals will quickly get in touch with you for your location. Subsequently, We have over 10 years of experienced experts they will give you astounding encounter of administration. Moreover, We have additional transport offices. For example, in the event that your item gets a serious issue, they will take, at that point and fix it in our service center and after the testing process, we will deliver it to you. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai

Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Contact us


In this time TV’s are assuming a significant job. Since stopping youngsters or grown-ups to stay at a home is a problem yet TVs are doing the best activity. A considerable lot of kids and grown-ups are viewing their preferred TV shows likewise films by remaining at home securely. In Short, the Carrier gives the best guarantee to those items.

Types and highlights Microwave Oven:


This is the main model of Kiln. It basically warms food and cooks basic dishes. It is not compelling contrasting and different models.


Grill oven is additionally called a normal microwave it assists with warming ordinary things like water, vegetables, and other food things. It is chiefly utilized for warm food things. It likewise gives more barbecues to defrost the meat and vegetables


The convection stove is more costly than a solo and barbecues broiler. In this broiler, they give the safety glass, sensor cooking, and inverter innovation. It capacities warm, defrost, prepare, flame broils, tans, and cook flexible dishes. It consequently enhances the cooking temperature in the wake of the cooking level came to. Furthermore, they give some additional highlights like fans for cooking brilliant warming components We should appreciative the Carrier items to giving such subjective items. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai They are taking our day by day life to the next level with their items.

The highlights of Carrier Air Conditioners:

Controlling AC with mobile phones:

We can control the AC with the help of mobile phones currently it’s not mandatory to utilize AC far off. They are giving us an application called thinQ. Similarly, We can control all elements of AC inside the room and outside the room. This is the best element of Carrier Air conditioner.

Cooling and warming innovation in one AC

Generally, Air Conditioner contains the biggest just cooling temperature. In any case, Carrier AC contains an inbuilt radiator. In summers we use AC for cooling the room temperature. Yet, imagine a scenario in which in winter season consider the possibility that we need to build room temperature. So the reason new Carrier AC accompanied the warming mode innovation with this we can build our room temperature. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai.

4D cooling with 30 feet wind stream:

The new Carrier split AC’s are accompanying the 4-dimensional wind streams with 30 meters go with uniform cooling. They gave us the 4D wings which give the air four sides of the room like right, left, up, down. Which spread the cool air each corner to corner in the room in less time in Carrier split AC accompanied by bigger limit fans which enable 30 feet to wind current. These are the best highlights of Carrier’s spilled AC.

Mosquito innovation

An extremely remarkable element of any forced-air system. It gives the mosquito away component to dispose of mosquitoes. By empowering the catch of mosquito away catch the AC produces some ultrasonic recurrence waves which don’t harm the human ear. Moreover, It makes mosquitoes unsteady to remain noticeable all around. This is the standout amongst other components gave by the Carrier split AC.

Double inverter innovation:

Double inverter innovation is an extremely valuable innovation. It gives a few however rivalry in the matter of cooling with others. Since the double blower, innovation keeps up the cooling in like manner in the event that it needs more capacity to the blower. It gives more force however in the event that the blower needs less force it produces less force.

Split AC

Mostly the split AC contains 2 sections. One situated external the divider and another situated inside the room. Which within spilled AC comes with the external unit of the climate control system with numerous wires? There is the copper pipe which enables the decline to room temperature. In energy astute the split Ac is the best AC of this age not just in energy sparing it keeps the room solace, cleans and cool, etc…,

Carrier refrigerator highlights:

Platinum dividers with upscaling the plan:

This new carrier cooler coming shocking sleek plan. They give platinum dividers one next to the other which looks outright premium. Insides pieces of the fridge are stainless take. An upscale look will secure the food inside. As it were platinum dividers accompany scratch obstruction.

Converter cooler into the fridge:

Carrier cold storage accompanying the best innovation that is we can change over cooler into the fridge appropriately. In the event that by and large our putting away spot is full in ice chest we can change over the cooler into a typical refrigerator. So it keeps up the temperature same at cooler and refrigerator.

Door cooling with multi wind current with quick cooling:

New Carrier ice chest presented the door cooling with multi wind current innovation with quick cooling. The door cooling innovation keeps up the equivalent cooling in the ice chest. With numerous bearings with the assistance of multi wind stream wings. This encourages the cooler to cool every last bit of the corner. It likewise has quick cooling innovation in this manner it can cool 35% quicker than contrasting with others.

Sun based shrewd stabilizer free activity:

Gives the sun based board at the head of the cooler which takes the energy from the sun. Which creates DC voltage yet the cooler sudden spikes in demand for AC voltage? So sun oriented charge board keeps up a consistent voltage to run cold stockpiling. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai.  It doesn’t need any compulsory stabilizers to control voltage variances. The fridge comes with a stabilizer inside which protects the ice chest.

Specifications of clothes washer:

The clothes washers are one of the most utilized items in the nation. Consequently, They additionally furnish the best clothes washers with cutting edge mechanical component in the planned range. Clothes washer types are top door, front door, and Semi-Automatic mode. They do the different sort of it’s positions various sorts

Top Load:

Top load washer is the most utilized washer in Carrier brand since it is low in cost and it is reasonable for little families it contains less limit. It washes the fabrics delicately and neatly. It doesn’t contain the numerous highlights like front burden however it is in its best at the cost.

Front Load:

Front-load is the second model of the Carrier washer. It contains may propel highlights. But it will give total fulfillment after the wash. In any case, some costly by contrasting with top stacked washer. It is the best washer in the Carrier item. It devours less power while washing and less commotion.


In these self-loader washer contains all programmed capacities which don’t any obligatory serves to wash the fabrics. When filling water in the washer and squeezing the beginning catch it proceeds with its work without keeping our hands again on the clothes washer.

Twin wash innovation:

The Carrier washer gives the twin wash innovation which gave the two cleaning turns all over at a time. The top drum can deal with substantial materials like pants cover regalia and so on.., while the bass drum is used for devoted fabrics like silk materials and so forth..,

Turbo drum with safe wash:

The turbo drum gives a quick and successful wash while ensuring the materials. There are two drums in the turbo wash one limits the drum while washing. It ordinarily pivots inverse heading contrasting with typical wash. While giving hard wash it shields the texture from harm.

Turbo wash 2.0:

It is the overhauled adaptation of the turbo wash it is encouraged to decrease the clotting time. It gave a stream splash instrument that sprinkles the water through the fabrics which eliminate the earth strains from somewhere inside the materials. The fly shower speed up the turn cycle which gives us the best washing experience.

Rat away innovation:

This component will give free of rodents. They gave 3mm thick plastic spread solid synthetic substances of repellent of it can get rodents far from the machine and materials.

Keen conclusion with NFC labels:

This innovation gives the most ideal choice for clients. They gave us an application called brilliant analysis. At the point when we press the beginning catch the shrewd determination application in our PDA will give the data about our washer about the blunders into the cell phone. It educates us before the issue becomes enormous.

Inverter with Direct Drive for Immaculate Wash with Minimal Noise

At any ordinary washer, it contains one engine at a fixed range at any sort of burden. Yet, in this new carrier washer, the engine straightforwardly to append to the drum with no assistance of belts. It can increment or decline the speed of the washer as indicated by the heap of the materials. It devours less energy contrasting with others.

If you are using carrier products? And searching for carrier service center hope your search ends here. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai. Our professionals can repair all types of home appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave oven, TV, etc. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call, we will send our technicians to your home itself they will say the exact problem in your product and provide the best service for your products.

Our professionals will respond within 24 hours in the meanwhile our technicians will arrive within 3 to 4 hours. Our management provides 90 days warranty for spare parts and 30 days warranty for general service. Especially our aim to provide same-day repair and service has helpful we earn a good respectable among our clients and customers. Our qualified service professionals based throughout India provide guaranteed super-fast home quality with the workmanship.

Microwave oven: 

A microwave oven is a small electronic box that helps us to cook food. The microwave oven helps us to cook the food quickly and easily. With a microwave oven, we can make our food items like chicken, bread more few meals we can make. The microwave uses diffusion which is absorbed by waters, sugars and supports this absorption; it excites these molecules into atomic motion. When it does not function properly, or parts are damaged, it needs proper maintenance. Severe damages also occur which we cannot restrict.

Our well-trained technician’s area unit was repaired to the doorstep service. The convection Micro oven is cheaper than compared to other micro ovens. In every household, the usage of Micro ovens is more, so getting troubles during a Micro oven is additionally common. Our technicians will repair all types of microwave oven like solo, grill, and convention. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call we will send our technicians to your house they will repair in hours. 

Types of the microwave oven:

Solo: Solo microwave oven is a basic model of a stove. And it is used for uniform heating and defrosting.

Grill:     Most people prefer a grill stove. Because the grill gives more taste without the stove. Grill Micro oven, we will grill the food items like Chicken, Bread, and a few meals, etc…

Convention:  Convention has all options like grill, solo. Customers face problems like failure of buttons, breakage of doors.

Air conditioner:

The air conditioner is the process of removing the heat and moisture from interior occupied space to improve the space from to improve the comfort of the tenant. The air conditioner has every expensive product it needs maintenance. Not only in summer but winter and monsoon season are playing a crucial role inbuilt heater. Inside the cooling coil, the compressor pumps back extracting the heat moisture indoor it conveys the heat to the indoors. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Warm indoor air blow indoor cooling coil absorbed the heat by the refrigerant moved outside your home. If your air conditioner troubles you just make a call we will send our technicians to your home itself they will say the exact problem in your product and provide the best service for your affordable products.

Our technicians will respond within 24 hours at meanwhile we will arrive within 3 to 4 hours. Our professionals can repair all types of air conditioners like split ac, duct ac, and cassette ac. They can repair any problem in your air conditioner the refrigerant air conditioner removes the heat and humidity from the air in your home. If your system develops refrigerant effectively cool the air.

Types of air conditioner:

 Split ac:  

split AC contains mainly two parts. One is fixed on the outside wall and the air conditioner is placed inside the home. There is between a copper pipe which observes the heat and provides cool air.     

Duct ac: 

The duct is conduits the heat from the ventilation air duct area method of ensuring indoor air quality of thermal comfort. The duct is called ductwork called the circulation air usually zone called temperature to control the air.     

Cassette ac: 

A ceiling or wall-mounted or suspended air conditioner for when space is limited for a ducted system. The indoor unit self-dislodges to the ceilings and distributes the conditioned air through two, three, four sides. The outdoor unit of cassette ac is a dimension in much the same way as it would be agreement wall dimension by split system unit.  


The refrigerator consists of a thermally separate compartment and a heat pump. The refrigerator delays the heat from inside and outside so that refrigerator cooled inside below the room temperature. Due to the refrigerator cooled it tops the reproduction of bacteria. So it reduces the spoilage of food. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai The refrigerator is an essential product that can store the method of technique in a developed country. If you have any trouble with your product just contact us we will send our professionals to your house they will say the exact problem in your product and provide the best service for your products. Technicians can repair all types of refrigerators like single doors, double doors, and side by the side door. Types of the refrigerator

Single door:

single door refrigerator is mostly found in every house in the refrigerator we can store our favorite food items in refrigerator. Single door refrigerator is found in every house, it is an essential product. Direct cool refrigerator produces the cooling effect by natural compress process from the cooled surface freezer.

Double door: 

it is an expansion if it is said that refrigerators become a structural part of urban life today. The refrigerator operates limitless functional largely towards life’s makes comfortable. Refrigerators function frost-free mode and it has 235 to 295 liters capacity. If you have any trouble with our refrigerator just make a call we will send our technicians to your home itself they will say the exact problem in your product. 

Side by side door: 

Mostly side by side door it is used for commercial purposes. One door is for the freezer and another door is for storage. Side by side door has less expensive. The airflow is controlled by both doors.                                                                            


Television is a system of conveyance of the images that produce the sound, images. TV has become commonplace in many households. Carrier TV service is the best operator in Mumbai. It always plays an important role in entertaining people. TV is moving concerning internet-based services with that increasing popularity. TVs are coming with the budget range they are more expensive. TV has the best features like music, media player, games, and Skype capability to make video calls, etc. If you have any issue with your product just make a call we will send our technicians to you.

Advantages of our Service Center

  • Providing Service to all Carrier items
  • Offer company Spare parts
  • 24/7 Service
  • We Value customers time and money
  • Best believed service center
  • Doorstep service
  • Availability of specialist Engineers

This is the clothes washer include that compares the typical hand wash setting, subsequently offering you extra authority over the manner in which your clothing is treated during the wash cycle. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Some of the most recent clothes washers accompany a keen flush choice that allows you to indicate the amount of water to use during the wash cycle. With the memory wash include, there is no requirement for you to change the settings on your clothes washer before each utilization any more. This is on the grounds that as innovation progresses, there are additionally best in class clothes washers includes that will cause them to consider those settings you have utilized for the last wash you did, so you can likewise utilize them for the following set if washing. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Fridges are   Full augmentation drawers mean simpler access when you need to arrive at things. With full-width access drawers, you get adequate space to keep plate of food, which is ideal when you have visitors. At the point when you have appetizers left over from a gathering, these drawers will offer wonderful stockpiling. A few fridges have straightforward drawers which let you see the substance without opening everything. You save time when there so no compelling reason to scavenge through the drawers attempting to discover where the lettuce is. Atmosphere controlled drawers permit you to change the temperature and mugginess of every one to suit the cooling needs of the food sources you keep in it. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Rather than having the regular ice plate inside the refrigerator, the shrouded ones are outside, which means they amplify space. Also, you don’t need to continue to open the ice chest each time you need ice or continue to top off it with water, which a great many people fail to remember.

Washing machine:

These are incredible and extreme and offer countless wash garments. They are less boisterous and permit the best wash position among all garments clothes washer types. As you may have speculated, they should be stacked and dumped from the front. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai. These machines offer various tubs for washing and drying. They get less water and energy than top-load machines. Their hindrances join a significant burden that gives them trouble to move around, the inadequacy to take off bits of attire once the wash show has occurred (open straightforwardly on select machines) and extravagant costs. 

 Washing machines types: 

  • Front load 
  • Top load 
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic


Refrigerators are one of the essential home items utilized in our homes. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai We utilize our fridges to guarantee a wide extent of food things, be it unpleasant vegetables or new things from the past evening’s banquet . In this incredible level, high-speed way of life, fridges have changed over a need of life .They can be found in each family. Relatively few out of each odd family in any case, have a near refrigeration fundamental as it’s essential to arm yourself with the correct data so you can purchase the correct cooler for your home. In this model, we analyze the entirety of the significant highlights of a fridge and what you should concentrate on prior to setting one up. The significant thing you would include in their unique manner, making it more hard to get them and adjust them in an apples-with-intel way. There are four horrible orders that a fridge can be engineered into. 

Refrigerator types:

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Side by the side door

Microwave oven: 

Microwave ovens let you plan food rapidly and obligingly at home; they’re more flexible than you may assume. Not just warming and thawing out, you can discover modifications that copy singe, cook, and energy like a convection stove. Carrier Service Center in Mumbai Picking the correct microwave relies on your necessities. To help you with picking which microwave to buy, first inspect how you’ll utilize it reliably, where it will sit; audit by type, size, and advancement to track down the best microwave for you. 

Microwave oven types: 

  • Solo 
  • Grill 
  • convection 

Air conditioner:

Air conditioners  have grown a need nowadays, especially for individuals who live in blistering and damp zones. It is a more reasonable strategy than not fortifying up until summer to purchase diverse AC to more readily bargain on costs. The way close to purchasing another AC can be a lot confounding and awkward as there are a few brands and numerous kinds of ACs to view.Also, each affiliation market communicates AC highlights in their specific manner, making it harder to get them and separate them in an apples-with-apples way. In ACs, the primary parts are further the ones that affiliation’s don’t consider. This is because it is clear for relationships to sell stuff subject to some cool sounding highlights as opposed to promising individuals quality stuff, which may be ridiculous. One unprecedented part to acquire ability with the plan of an AC is to ask the AC creators what kind of progress and stock they are working in their ACs. 

Air conditioner types: 

  • Split ac 
  • Duct ac 
  • Cassette ac 
  • Window ac 

Why does everyone slant toward our service centre? 

  • On-time service
  • We open the entire day 
  • Qualified experts 
  • Door step service
  • Affordable expenses 
  • Attested spare parts 
  • Warranty 

Our specialists: 

Transporter is presumably the best brand in India. At any rate, the home appliances given by are coolers, clothes washers, microwaves, forced air systems and TV’s Carrier Service Center in Mumbai. So on the off chance that you feel any trouble with your items, call us. We will send our organization draftsmen to your home and they will restore a wide scope of things. Furthermore, we give 90 days’ assurance on spare parts and a thirty days guarantee on broad assistance. We are worthy of fixing things. We take moderate costs RS/ – 350.

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